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Age8 weeks
Current Weight2.1lb
Est Adult Weight4-5 lbs
VaccinationsUp-To-Date On All Shots
Vet Inspection(inspected at 8 wks)

Available 2/4

Puppies can not be picked up or shipped, until they are 8 weeks old and vet checked.

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Miss Paris may have her head in the clouds, but she’s no airhead. When she sees a path she wants to travel, she wastes no time in getting there. Courageous and adventurous just like her famed pilot namesake, she also brings a new tailspin on the name by not only flying solo, but leading and inspiring her pack on her fantastic adventures too! Paris comes from two red-and-white parti poodle parents, and thus is a member of quite an Amazing litter! The consistency of both parental lines throughout their lives is certainly something special, and in fact this litter had been planned for quite some time beforehand. Courageous Paris and the members of her pack are truly made in heaven. Her momma is a Toy Poodle Addie – 5lbs & daddy is a Toy Poodle Clifford – 4lbs. If you’re looking for generations of consistency, and a spunky little personality on top of it, Fantastic Miss Paris is for you!
Special Nurturing Notice

Puppies less than 2 lbs require the special care and attention the first 2 weeks in their new home. They need to eat every 2-3 hours, starting with their arrival.

List of Inspection Points
Skin and coat

Teacup Poodle Breed Info

The Teacup Poodle has a good temperament but can be quite strong-willed and stubborn if they do not have the proper training, after all, they are highly intelligent. They are loving, friendly, cuddly, sweet, and make great companions. They love to be part of the family and don’t like being left alone for too long. If they develop separation anxiety, they can get into mischief.

Teacup Poodle Puppies

Teacup poodles usually only have very small litters of 1-2 puppies at a time, meaning demand for the puppies is usually higher than the number of dogs available. Because of how they are bred, Teacup poodles are prone to many health issues, making it even more important to choose a responsible breeder like Us, focused on producing the healthiest puppies possible.

Male vs Female

Male and female tendencies can vary in many dog breeds, though Teacup Poodles aren’t as easily distinguishable in their personality by sex.

If you have a preference for one sex, you’re just as likely to get a loving and affectionate pup that is highly sociable as you are to get one that is more distant with strangers and other pets.

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